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      Visit Austin is a private, nonprofit 501 C-6 corporation contracted by the City of Austin to market the city as a convention and tourism destination. Under the terms of this contract, Visit Austin also houses the Film Commission, Music Office and Sports Commission.

      General information and duration of internship
      Visit Austin seeks interns for the following departments: Convention Sales, Marketing Communications and Tourism, Music Office and Sports Commission.

      Internships at Visit Austin are paid. In addition, interns receive a monthly stipend to pay for parking and transportation. 

      The program’s general duration is a maximum of one semester. Interns are required to work 15-20 hours per week within office hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.

      Intern Responsibilities
      Interns make an important contribution to the operation of Visit Austin. Our interns are given hands on responsibilities and experience. Within your working units you serve as a member of a team and perform needed functions. Thus, acceptance of any internship position should be considered an earnest commitment.

      Applying students (sophomore level or higher preferred) must be enrolled in a college or university. Must receive school credit for internship or be enrolled in classes related to one of our departments listed above. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Systems required. Should demonstrate exceptional interpersonal skills and maintain professional appearance. 

      Application deadlines and start dates

      • Fall Semester:  Application deadline – August 1; Start date – week of Labor Day
      • Spring Semester:  Application deadline – November 15; Start date – week of MLK holiday
      • Summer Semester:  Positions for the Summer 2020 position have been filled

      To apply: 
      Send your resume and cover letter to the attention of the following:

      Marketing Communications/Tourism - Christine Felton
      Convention Sales - Britta Haglund
      Music - Omar Lozano
      Sports - Joey Dragonette

      For general information, contact our Director of HR, Heather Lang

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