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      With the Visit Austin Housing Bureau, you can manage and monitor room blocks at multiple hotels via our simple, secure Passkey web portal. Our services can include a customized event site for your group, a toll-free question hotline, room block management and more. Reservations can be booked online or by fax/mail.

      For meeting planners, the Housing Bureau offers secure, 24/7 access to online inventory and room block management tools, along with useful reports. Planners can manage reservations through the day of arrival, and even send broadcast e-mail communications to attendees and exhibitors.

      Getting started

      Begin the conversation with your sales representative during the booking process if possible. If the decision to use housing occurs after the hotels are contracted, contact Linda Atkins at 512-583-7222 or 800-926-2282 for more information.

      Reporting capabilities

      • Room Pick Up Report
        Detailed listing of the number of rooms committed, sold and available at each hotel, along with a total recap of all hotels in the block.
      • Rooming List Report
        Lists everyone who has a reservation, either alphabetically by name or by hotel.
      • History/Pace Report
        Indicates the activity pace of new, modified and cancelled reservations.

      Additional reports available upon request

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